Weeks 1: Wandering around Paris

My first week here in Paris was filled with SO MUCH WALKING.  And no I am not just complaining for the sake of complaining, but if my legs could talk they would probably tell me they wanted to detach from my body and find someone else.  With that being said, it has only been a week and I have already seen so much!!!
Here’s a list of things I have done so far:

1. Walked through the Louvre for the sole purpose of seeing the Mona Lisa.  Saw a painting of the American homie, George Washington, while I was there.



2.  Saw Notre Dame at night, then went back in the morning and actually went inside.  On the way back, I got to see the Locket bridge, which, by the way, is now apparently a thing on all bridges in Paris. 




3. Walked down the Champs Elysees from the Lourve, through the Tulleries, right by the big Ferris Wheel all the way to the Arc de Triomphe.  Then climbed to the very top of the Arc de Triumph for a beautiful view… aka why my legs hate me.






4. Went to Chinatown and had Pho.  Because, hello, just because I am in Paris now, doesn’t mean I can’t have my pho-fix.
5. Saw the original Sorbonne University building.  Unfortunately, my French classes are not in that building but on another campus location.
6. Saw the Bastille land mark- which now, looking back on this point is a bit of a cop-out because I live right by the Bastille.
7.  Walked down Rue Mouffetard and ate amazing Greek Crepes! (Important)

(Eggplant and feta and crepes… oh my!)
8.  Took a boat tour down the Seine and saw a bunch of things along the way.




Besides all of the sight seeing,  I have started my ACCENT classes– aka my two classes taught in English, at my program’s center.  I am taking Paris Civilization and Culture as well as Islam in France.  My Sorbonne french lessons don’t start for a little while.  (French grammar starts February 12, and my Phonetics class starts February 20th).
I have also gotten to know my neighborhood better and have been finding a bunch of cute and yummy boulangeries (bakeries).  I also went to to the Marché (market) with my host madame on Sunday morning which was lovely. I have a super soft spot for farmers markets because they remind me of home.  (shout out to my dad, Bruce).  Obviously the cheese station was my favorite and my madame bought a bunch of cheese for me to try- Leonie’s favorite from Lyon and her favorite cheese is the cheese infused with truffles.  She (my madame) also picked up a plethora of green beans and some lamb chops for lunch, which was incredibly fresh and delicious.
On Sunday I was invited to join Leonie and my madame (her name is Laurence, for the record) at their grandmother’s house for a meal featuring only crepes. Boy, was that a treat.  We had savory crepes to start, filled with eggs, cheese, ham, andouille, and creme fresh and sweet crepes with powered sugar and homemade pear marmalade for dessert– and don’t forget the champagne!
Anyways, that’s all for now— OH WAIT. I have officially booked my first abroad trip to London!!!!!  I am the UK’s biggest fan so I am so excited to go back.  Plus I get to see some of my favorite person, Lizzie!!

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