Eating Paris: Mondol Kiri

Last night, my friends and I went to a wonderful Cambodian restaurant in Paris’ very own Chinatown.  AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!  At this point in my abroad time, I welcome the opportunity to not eat baguettes and cheese every single day, so Cambodian seemed like a perfect switch up.

As much as I love, LOVE Asian food in general, this was the first time I ever tried Cambodian food!  It reminded me of Thai food because of the many curry-based dishes, but I also found some hints of Vietnamese with the use of basil.

The restaurant is called Mondol Kiri and is located on the main street in Chinatown called Avenue de Choisy.  (Close to many Metro stops: Tolbiac, Port de Choisy, Perte d’Italie). It is a tiny place but the food is larger than life.  (See what I did there?).  There are two options on the menu, 1. to order individual dishes or 2. to do a fixed menu meal.  There were a few fixed menu options, with various types of dishes, prices and even share friendly menus.

We all ended up getting fixed menus because they came with an appetizer, entree, and dessert.  Lena and I got the fish/shrimp menu which started with these fish and shrimp fried balls, and the entree was a shrimp and coconut milk curry.  (So yummy!) Our other friend got the chicken/beef menu and she started with chicken and beef skewers with a peanut sauce and for her entree, she had a beef and basil saute. All of our main dishes came with this amazing wild, sticky rice that was unlike your average white rice side.  The dessert was a little odd but still delicious.  It was this pudding/flan situation that had a base of potatoes and was covered in sweet coconut sauce.  We also all had some wonderful and light Cambodian beer to go with our meals.



Overall it was an amazing and delicious meal AND it wasn’t even that expensive for all of the food we got!  I highly recommend it!


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