Week 5: A Weekend in Paris

This last week/ weekend I did not travel, but rather spent some time bonding with Paris.  As much as I love traveling, it was definitely nice to stay home, relax and not worry about catching the train/plane/bus.

Friday after our classes, Lena and I headed to this exhibit that we had passed a few times during the week and it always had a long line to get in, so we figured it must be worth our time. The exhibit was called “Love in Paris” and after waiting in line for about 40 minutes were finally admitted and entered the exhibit.  It ended up being an exhibit on Brassai, a photographer, who did an amazing job capturing Paris in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  All of the pictures were wonderful but walking through the exhibit took about 15 minutes… after we just had waited for 40 minutes.

Later that night we met up with a friend to go try out Mondol Kiri, a Cambodian restaurant that we had wanted to eat at for a while.  (re: last blog post).  After dinner, all three of us met up with Lena’s friend’s cousin, who lives in Paris, and his friend and went to a few bars.

Saturday was sort of a fail because Lena and I tried- yes, tried– to go to the Natural History Museum.  We set a meeting time and location, at the metro stop closest to the museum, however she was running late so I second guessed our meeting spot.  (Yay not having data/wifi!) Then on my way to the museum, I thought, “maybe I misheard and we were actually meeting at the other metro stop.”  Resulting in me getting super lost. I was walking for a while and ended up running into the Seine River and being like, “this is definitely not right”.  Then after about 20 minutes, I found the museum entrance but surprise, its a massive place with gardens and labyrinths and many MANY buildings.  There was pretty much no way we could have found each other.  After waiting for about 20 minutes and still no Lena, I went back home BUT I couldn’t find the same metro I came out of, so I hopped on the next metro I saw, luckily it was the right line.


On my way home I was thinking maybe I will just walk around the Marais until she texts me, in which case I would be close to the metro and I could just meet her wherever she is.  The Marais was packed and I was already a bit peeved so I decide to walk home.  After 15 minutes of being back at my apartment there is a pounding on the door.  Guess who was there when I opened it?!  That’s right, LENA!  Luckily, we both had the same thought at the Natural History Museum and she thought I would have probably come back home, and if I wasn’t home, perhaps she could access the wifi in my apartment from outside the door.  We totally struggled on Saturday but then we made an awesome dinner and watched Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris so it all ended up just fine.




Sunday we successfully met for falafel in the Marais (shout out to La’s Du Falafel) and on my way to the Marais, there was the Paris 1/2 marathon going on and they were running, down all of the main streets that lead to the Bastille.  AND THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE.  I tried to cross the street to get to Gare de Lyon, but I actually could not run in between them… yes I tried.  I ended up walking all the way to Bastille and tried to cross the marathon route by the St. Paul/ Marais metro, but again, could not cross.  Lena and I ONCE AGAIN, could not cross the street due to runners, but we finally found a part of the road that had a small middle divider so we scurried half way across, then waited for another clearing and then sprinted to the other side.  All the while, I was having visions of that scene from the Lion King when Mufasa gets trampled by the gazelles or whatever kind of horned animal that was.  That’s how many people there were.  Also- side note- I have never seen Parisians in more colored clothing than I did when they were running.  Apparently color is only trendy, when you are working out.



After lunch, we headed to the Pompidou, or the modern art/ surrealist art museum in Paris.  It is sort of an odd place and the architecture is cool but confusing.  The museum is huge so it took us 2 hours to walk through 2 floors, and by the time we were done with 2 floors we were over it.  After the Pomidou we went our separate ways to get some homework done and then met up later for dinner in Chinatown, again, but this time for pho.





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