The Sun is OUT in Paris

The sun in Paris has decided to make a long awaited appearance! For  going on a week and a half now, the sun has been out every day.  Yes, you read that correctly.  EVERY DAY.  For about this last week and a half it has been at an average temperature of about 60 degrees out which means no more layering or warm ass jackets.
With this sudden and amazing change of weather, I have been seeing Paris in a completely different light: sun.  The people look more friendly and happy.  The cafes are pouring out of their doors with side walk seating. The seine river banks are filled with people lounging, painting, hanging out and picnicking. The tree have started looking alive and not bare.  The plants and flowers are blooming and the birds are humming.  (Except iced coffee is still no where to be found).
I don’t know exactly what it is about the sun in Paris but this city definitely looks good in sunglasses.

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