Eating Paris: Clasico Argentino

Last week, Lena and I found a wonderful little empanadas restaurant in Paris, called Clasico Argentino.  It is somewhere between Gare de Lyon and another metro stop that I don’t know the name of, but it is on Faubourgh St. Antoine.  (Which is super nice for me, because it is close to home and school).

IT WAS SO YUMMY.  It is a tiny little place, and if you blink you will basically miss it, but the food is wonderful.  They have a few tables outside and one long table inside.  They only serve drinks, various types of empanadas, green house salad and homemade ice cream.

They have a lunch menu that is super reasonably priced, it includes: 3 empanadas of your choice, house salad, a drink (water.. haha) and ice cream for dessert.  I think it was like 11 or 12 euros for all of that!
I ended up ordering a chicken empanada, a cheese and onion empanada and a carne (beef) empanada and finished with mango ice cream that was insanely delicious.  The empanadas were perfectly cooked, and the inside ingredients were wonderfully flavored.






Overall, it was quite amazing and a great change to French food… which I definitely do not dislike!

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