Eating Paris: Galette Cafe

Galette Cafe is located closest to the Saint- Germain-de-Pres metro in Paris’ right bank.  Galette Cafe is on the corner of (au coin du) Rue des Saints- Peres and Rue de l’Universite.

It is kind of a funny story how I ended up finding this place.  It was the second day that we were in Paris and Lena and I were just aimlessly wandering around the right bank… sort of lost and sort of trying to get lost.  Naturally, we got hungry and since we were new residents of Paris, we wanted French food.  We ended up finding Galette Cafe and had the MOST AMAZING CREPES EVER.

Since that day, Lena and I have been back two other times… and the last time we were there, the waitress literally said “welcome back”.

The menu consists of salads, savory creps, sweet/ dessert crepes and other desserts.  They also have a huge selection of wine, beer, cider and amazing coffee drinks.
So far I have tried two crepes, and one of Lenas… so three.  One dessert and two types of coffee drinks and I would go back to try everything.
Artisan sausage (its hidden under the crepe) with cheese, tomato sauce and onion saute that basically tastes like French onion soup.


Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and almonds.


Crepe with potatoes, cheese and a ton of bacon.


Crepe of the day with an egg, cheese and ratatouille.
I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend if you are in Paris and want amazing crepes.. and if you are in Paris and don’t want amazing crepes… then what are you doing in Paris?

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