Week 9: Staying in Paris and A Book Market

This week Lena’s Dad was in town!  So I got to tag along to some of their dinners/ activities throughout the week.  Besides that I had the usual.. school and food and various other tasks.

Over the weekend- Lena and her dad went on a trip to Normandy- so I basically just hung out by myself all weekend.  I used my “chill” weekend to catch up on some sleep, homework and basically reorganize my life.  To be honest, I spent more time in my room with my door closed than I did outside or even in my apartment.

On Friday after class I just did homework and then I met up with a fellow DPE sister to get pho for dinner in the Saint- Germaine area.  It was super nice because the weather was mild and we were able to walk around for a while after dinner.

Saturday, I slept forever, and then finally got myself together to run errands.  I took my book with me, and like a real Parisian, I sat in a cafe with a cafe creme and my book for 2 hours.

The rest of Saturday consisted of me doing work, watching Pretty Little Liars and making myself lentils and rice for dinner.

Sunday, I met up with a girl from my program (shout out: Celene) and we took the bus to a really cool used book market.  This was the first time I got on the bus in Paris and it was surprisingly lovely- its basically free sightseeing.  We arrived at the market and were very pleasantly surprised.  It was amazing!  I ended up buying a old Victor Hugo, Notre Dame of Paris, FOR ONE EURO and three old (early 1900’s) post cards!  One is of the Tuileries Gardens, in front of the street in front of the Garnier Opera and the other of Hotel De Ville.

After wandering around the market for a while, we stopped to get Turkish sandwiches for lunch and they were amazing!  The rest of Sunday I just hung out, did work and made dinner.

That is about it!  It was a pretty nothing weekend but it is always nice to have those!

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