Week 13: Just So I Don’t Fall Behind

I realized that I usually write my blog posts Sunday night, therefore my Spring Break was technically three weekends long and I only wrote about two. SO in efforts not to mix up my counting or throw anyone off, let me just update you on a Week 13.

Basically, I returned home from Spain on Friday night, stuck my clothes in the wash, stood under the shower for around 30 minutes and went to bed.  Successful night.
Saturday morning, I slept in as much as I could and had a lovely lunch with my host family as a sort of welcome back lunch.  Then I continued to lounge around the apartment, clean up a bit, read , think about doing some homework, posted my other blog post and did other relatively thrilling things.  For dinner, Lena and I (hello Lena) tried this awesome place near the Republique metro stop called La Cambodge.  It was awesome!!
Sunday, we went to one of our new favorite spots for brunch in Paris, Holy Belly Cafe for a wonderful breakfast and large, very large coffee- which is super rare in France.  After brunch we took the “it’s raining” excuse and went back to our apartments and I spent the rest of the day lounging…. and other unproductive things.
OH AND if I didn’t mention before, my homestay is now also hosting three wonderful kittens named Piff, Poof and Puff so they are pretty distracting as well.  That’s all!

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