Eating Paris: Holy Belly

Holy Belly was discovered due to a friend, and I must say my Paris experience has been altered ever since.  When you first walk in to Holy Belly, it feels as though I am back in SF, DC or even Brooklyn.  The food is amazing.  The coffee is amazing. (AND large! Large sized coffee in Paris is a struggle.)

Holy Belly’s simple yet wonderful menu as well as the fresh and experimental monthly specials will make you want to go back every week!
Poached eggs, fresh toast, hash browns, mushrooms


(Monthy special) South West scramble, corn muffin and chili con carne


Pancake, fried egg, pancake, fried egg, bacon!
If you are in need of a break from espresso and a croissant during your stay in Paris, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Holy Belly!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I recently went here and it is absolutely incredible! This is my new favourite place to brunch in Paris 🙂 I opted for eggs but I think I should've got pancakes from looking at your pic!

    Laura @ What’s Hot?


  2. It is quite the hidden gem! Both the bacon and fried egg pancakes as well as the ricotta fruit pancakes (if they still have those) are amazing!


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