A Day in the Life- Follow Me Around!

Today I thought I would do something a bit different and fun!  I created a photo diary (sort of) of a normal day for me.  There was no school today so I just ran errand, did some work and then a surprise at the end!  I am going to try to keep the talking (ok, writing) to a minimum, so enjoy!

I wake up and make my bed (motivation for not getting back in it).


YAY real people clothes
Black Jonie Jeans from Top Shop
White TShirt from Brandy Melville
Studded Flats from Top Shop
Tan Leather bag from GAP
Cargo Jacket from Buffao Exchange

These are the steps up to my apartment.  102 up and down.  OY

Here is my little street!  That aquaduct looking thing is actually something similar to NYC’s Highline made from old train tracks.

Walking to run errands.  These pink flags are for some artisan appreciation day.

2 Euro BIG SIZED coffee.  Unfortunately the lid was crap and it kept spilling all over me, so that was nice.

The area that I went shopping in/ “my” Monoprix.

Walking back to apartment.

My absolute favorite Boulangerie, and it happens to be right nest to my appartment building!  Obviously had to stop in there for some bread.  

annnnddd back up the steps.

Heres what I bought today:  bread, lunch from Piccard (Piccard is basically the Trader Joe’s frozen section in store form.  I got steamed veggies and a coconut chicken soup!), make up wipes, cards, face toner and eyeliner.


It’s finals week so did a bit of studying.  Well, a lot of studying.

My madame took Lena and I to see a Macbeth preformance!  It was out in this awesome “field” near Chateau de Vinncent called Theatre du Soleil and the area was so amazing.  Here is a picture of the intermission/reception area and its basically this old barn, converted into a theater.  They served dinner for 8 Euros of a delicious sweet potatoe, some veggie pastry and salad!
I didn’t take any pictures during the preformance but it was really amazingly done.  Macbeth can either be great… or less than great.  The one we saw was an alternative version directed by a famous director that I can’t remember the name of and the SETS WERE INCREDIBLE.
Ok, that’s all for my lazy Friday!  Thanks for “following me around”!
xoxo GRacie

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