Eating DC: GBD

Another fun food adventure that occured this weekend was GBD.  FINALLY.  Right?
I have been wanting to go to GBD since I looked up what the hay GBD stands for.  Golden.  Brown. Delicious.  And it is so incredibly true.

GBD is owned  by the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, which is an awesome restaurant group in the DC/ Beltway area.  They own fun spots like Birch & Barley, The Partisan, Red Apron, Iron Gate, Churchkey… the list continues.

In short GBD does fried chicken and doughnuts.  What is wrong with that?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

So me and two of my friends decided to do GBD for brunch and it was great!  We all did the “Let’s Make a Deal” meal- coffee, entree, doughnut for only $3 more than your entree price and it was a great call.  Our waitress was awesome and actually brought us over some extra doughnuts (shoutout to you, waitress).

Top Row (L to R): Nutella doughnut, funfetti birthday cake doughnut, apple fritter doughnut
Bottom Row (L to R): maple bacon doughnut, coffee cake doughnut, chocolate pudding doughnut


I got coffee, the Chicken Box, comes with tendies, mac & cheese, and a biscuit, as well as some sauces.  I got three different sauces; the honey mustard, the frankenbutter and the mumbo sauce.  My favorite was definitely the mumbo, then the honey mustard then the frankenbutter (which tasted like wing sauce.)  I also chose the apple fritter doughnut, which was delish.

My other friends (Selaina and Jane) got the Lil Chicken Biscuits
as well as the Chicken & Waffles
Overall, it is a super cool place (complete with brick walls and hanging light bulbs) and they also have an awesome bar and drinks.  We actually had a drink that had Jim Beam Honey, honey, grapefruit juice and lemon bitters (amazing).
I would definitely go back- it is basically like a heaven for Chik-Fil-A lovers.
So go… definitely go…

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