The Easiest Fish Tacos

In my head- summer cuisine means cooking with light and fresh ingredients.  Besides that, the summer weather (hot and so so humid) puts me in the mood for lighter meals.  Nothing sounds worse than a warm, heavy meal when it is 85 and humid outside.

This dish- fish tacos- embodies just that!  (as well as let me mentally be back on the West Coast while eating dinner)..

For these tacos I was looking for something fresh, light but with a bold flavor.  I sort of just made these tacos taste what I was in the mood for and they came out absolutely delicious and SO easy (and cheap!).

Fish of your choice (I picked up some tilapia from Whole foods on my way back from the farmer’s market)
Cabbage (I chose red, but you can use any kind you prefer or have in your fridge)
Chopped onions (Red or white will do, I used white because I had half an onion left in my fridge from another meal)
Valentino Hot Sauce
Adobo seasoning

*The beauty of tacos is that you can really put ANYTHING in them.  Mexican mayo, salsa or chopped tomatoes, lettuce… anything.

*Another tip for people that are only making enough for one or two people:  Go to the Whole Foods salad bar and grab all the veggies you want to go on your tacos (for example the cabbage) so you don’t have to buy large quantities for a small sized meal.  (I did not need/ have use for an entire head of cabbage).

1.  Season your fish to taste!  I used Adobo seasoning and cumin and lightly covered the fish.

2.  Cook your fish on a pan with a bit of veg oil for about 10/15 min (for tilapia) but it depends on what kind of fish you use.

3.  While the fish cooks chop up the taco toppings!

4. Stack 2 corn tortillas on a plate (see picture for reference) and put the fish down first.  Then load up all the toppings!

And that is literally it!  Fish tacos in way under 30 minutes.


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