Make-Your-Own Pizza

Yesterday night was a pizza and movie night for my friend and I.  (Shoutout to Aminata).  And by movie I mean Orange is the New Black.  In honor of the s*** weather in DC and the release of an amazing TV series we felt like making pizza and staying in.

Not only is pizza a super easy dish (if you buy premade dough) it is afforable, quick and makes great leftovers!  (You get multiple meals in one).

We decided to stop by Whole Foods and pick up some frozen pizza dough, sauce, cheese and some other ingredients we wanted that I didn’t already have.

We decided to make two different types- one being more of a flat bread or white pizza (without sauce).
Pizza One: Classic Pizza
Pizza sauce
White and red onions
Mozerella cheese
Black Olives
Chicken Italian sausage
Spring Onions
Pizza Two: White Pizza
Mozerella Cheese
Gruyere Cheese
Sauteed Brussel Sprout shavings
White and red onions
Spring Onions
1. Chop up all your ingredients
2. Add everything to the pizza
3.  on 450 for about 20 min
4. Let cool and cut


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