Eating DC: Table

As a going away dinner for one of my friends (shout out to Alex) we (Jonathan and I) decided to take her out for a nice meal at a place we had all never been before.

For about 2 months now, I have heard nothing but praises for the restaurant, Table.  Nestled in the heart of the Shaw neighborhood in DC, (on N and 9th), this transformed garage/warehouse legitimately looks like Anthropologie had a baby and it came out a restaurant.
The exterior is very hip looking- painted brick with big French style windows on a transformed garage door.  The interior is charming and wooden and actually looks like a fall display at Anthro.  The kitchen is exposed and there is an antique couch near the front door.  The tables are basic and wooden and are positioned against the wall (bench seating and chair seating) and there are two high top tables right up against the kitchen.  Apparently there is an upstairs as well as an outside roof/terrace area, however I didn’t make it up there.
(Picture pulled from Google)
For dinner we ordered a lotttt of food.  Alex and I split some dishes and Jonathan did his own thing.
To start we go the Chicken Liver Mousse (something I can NEVER turn down if I see it on the menu).  It came on a wooden slab accompanied by some little pickles, spicy mustard and walnut raisin bread.

Next course was Stuffed Squid with fregola, rocket, piquillo pepper, black olive oil, and red pepper jam.  This was definitely interesting and yummy but not my favorite of the things we ordered.  Everything besides this was fantastic and this was just alright.
Then came our midi course (somewhere between an entree and an appetizer, I suppose).  We got the Rye Gnocchi with a fricasse of softshell crab, morel mushrooms, and peas.  This was AMAZING and probably my favorite dish of the night.  The softshell crab was crispy and well seasoned and went super well with the creamy gnocchi and morels and peas.  
For our last and main course, we went with the Japanese Sea Bass entree.  This was so nice and surprisingly light!  (Perfect summer food for those hot and muggy nights).  The Japanese Sea Bass came with sweet corn, mussel jus and saffron sabayon and wild spinach.
What Jonathan got (not pictured) was to start the Cavatelli “Primavera” which was fresh made past with a lemon and olive oil sauce, ricotta cheese and summer vegetables (romenesko, squash, zucchini, carrots, peas, etc) and for his entree he got the Le Jardinier de Legumes which was a chef’s selection of fresh veggies and lightly grilled and seasoned.  Both were amazing.
Overall I would absolutely recommend checking this place out.  It is delicious, seasonal, has a great atmosphere and wine list and is actually reasonably priced.  (I also heard they do good brunch so keep an eye out for that!)

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