Sausage Rolls

*Flash back 5 years* After graduating high school, my friend Lizzie and I took a Euro Trip (pip pip!) for a month.  We started and ended our trip in the UK (specifically Wales) where I found a love for the oh-so-glamorous Tesco Sausage rolls.  These delicious little bundles of joy could be found in the pre-made warm food section and let me tell you- they were amazing.  They had a sweet, buttery and flaky crust with a moist, pork, well-seasoned sausage tucked neatly inside.  Lizzie and I ate them probably whenever we had the chance and were running low on money.

On my last day, Lizzie drove me from her house in Swansea, Wales to Heathrow Airport in London.  For the journey, we stopped for the last time at Tesco for the classic “stock up”.  On top of getting all the British sweets, snacks, and biscuits my American heart desired, we also walked away with probably 4 or so sausage rolls to eat during the drive.  Since Lizzie (and the majority of the rest of the world) drives a stick, my job as navigator/ front seat buddy was to feed her sausage roll because she had no free hand.  Now THAT is friendship.  Sadly during my last two trips to the UK/ London, I had no such luck finding any sausage rolls in the ready-made section of Tesco’s.  (Only frozen) but I did find some yummy ones in Marks and Spencer.

Long story short, my love of sausage rolls is a very real kind of love.  A love that evokes great memories with great friends and also has me craving them too often for my own good.

Thus I decided to whip some up yesterday~

Pastry dough (frozen works, but make sure you let it thaw out completely)
De-cased pork breakfast sausage (I am sure you can use any sort of de-cased sausage meat, although the traditional kind is pork breakfast sausage).
1 egg (for an egg wash)
Spicy mustard

*You can also make your own “sausage” meat— ground pork, paprika, salt and pepper, caramelized onions, red bell peppers and put in a food processor.

Lay out your dough and section into as many rolls as you plan on making (I made 4) and preheat your oven to 350F.
Spread down your mustard!  (I used a combo of two- one being spicier than the other).
Separate and lay down your meat.
Roll up the dough around the meat (try to not make it overlap so much or you will have a super thick layer of dough) and score the top with a knife.
Beat your egg and brush over the top of your rolls.
Bake for about 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.

ENJOY with some more mustard on the side.


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