Eating SF: Hong Kong Lounge

Every time I visit home (home is San Francisco, if you weren’t aware) I get Dim Sum with my dad.  It is sort of a tradition- it wouldn’t be a visit home without it.  While I have a lot of “favorite” Dim Sum places in the City (including Yank Sing, Ton Kiang, Good Luck Dim Sum, etc) one of my ABSOLUTE favorites is the Hong Kong Lounge.

The Hong Kong Lounge is located in the heart of the Sunset district (on Geary between 18th and 19th) nestled between a bunch of Russian grocery stores.  If you decide to check this place out, definitely stop by one of the Russian Markets after your meal- maybe grab some vodka, kasha grains, frozen perogies or smoked fish!!  What makes Hong Kong lounge so special, you may ask?  Well that’s easy, it is authentic and offers very traditional Dim Sum dishes- not the Americanized stuff.  For me, the more authentic, the better… I am all about trying new food, textures and tastes.
This last week, when my dad and I went for Saturday Dim Sum, we ordered a lot of our favorites (the classics) as well as tried a bunch of new things.  OUr order looked a bit like this:
Har Gow (shrimp dumpling)
Shrimp and pork Shui Mai 
Baked BBQ pork bun
Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf
Turnip cake
Steamed Shrimp and chive dumplings (I recommend getting the fried ones instead)
Honey glazed pork
Chive rice noodle rolls
Domio (pea shoots) with garlic sauce
Fried shrimp spring rolls
Xiao Long Bao (aka Shanghai Dumplings or Soup Dumplings)

Basically the point of this post, besides raving about the Hong Kong Lounge, is don’t go to SF and not get Dim Sum.. just don’t do it!
Anyways, enjoy!

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