Eating SF: La Taqueria

Let’s play some word association- what kind of food do you think of when you think of California?  If you didn’t answer Mexican food, there is something seriously wrong with you.  Just kidding, I am sure you are fine.. maybe you just don’t know anything about food or California… in which case, I forgive you.
Anyways, this passed week I spent it at home in California.  My first stop after getting picked up from the airport— La Taqueria in the Mission District of San Francisco.  (Obviously).  “Let’s go directly to something I cannot get in DC… hmm… A GOOD BURRITO”
La Taqueria is an authentic Mexican joint smack dab in the middle of the Mission, it is even on Mission Street.  Ordering is a bit of a sh** show, but it is totally worth the confusion.  The key to ordering is to find the lady with the notepad, place your order and move on to pay at the cash register.  Then snag a table (this may require some heavy breathing down the back of someone’s neck) and sit and wait for your order number to be called.
Now let me clarify something, this was actually the first time I had ever been to La Taqueria but I had heard about it basically my entire life.  (I am very loyal to the Mexican place near my house.  Shout out to Mi Pueblo in San Anselmo and their chicken plate and or their Shrimp burrito).  

This is what our order looked like:
2 Dos Equis and 1 Tecate (guess who got the Tecate.. ME)
Chips and Guac (Bomb guac.. with huge chunks of avocado)
Carnitas super burrito (with all the fixings)
Chicken regular burrito (with some of the fixings)
3 tacos (Lengua, cabeza, and carnitas)  (translation tongue, head and pork)


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