Eating DC: The Tabard Inn

Last weekend, my friend and I (shoutout to Ariana) met for a lovely brunch at DC’s The Tabard Inn.  The Tabard Inn is in fact an inn/hotel with a beautiful restaurant tucked inside.  The restaurant has a sort of homie/living room feel to it as well as a beautiful bar and outside area.  The building itself was built in the early 1900’s but was opened as inn during the 1920’s.  This quaint little spot is nestled on N street in the Dupont Circle surrounding neighborhood (actually across the street from Iron Gate).

They have a lot of brunch goodies on the menu with a southern twist, which is very interesting and delicious!  Ariana got the poached eggs with hash and some Hollandaise sauce while I got the fried oysters and cheese grits that came with pork belly and poached eggs.  Everything was amazing (even the coffee and bread to start).

Fried Oysters & Cheese grits- poached eggs, pork belly, spicy beurre blanc

Poached eggs-corned beef hash, potato, Hollandaise
Overall, this is a place I would highly recommend, especially for a nice occasion.  The setting is charming and even a bit romantic and I would love to go back and try more things on their brunch menu as well the dinner menu!!

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