Brisket & Short Rib Burgers

I recently bought a new toy!  It is a meat grinder!  Or just a grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aide… So what better way to celebrate the occasion than to make my own burgers!

I made brisket and short rib burgers!

What you need:
1/2 lb of brisket
1/2 lb of bone-out short ribs
Salt and Pepper

*Anything else you want for your burgers: brioche buns, crisp lettuce, red onion, tomato, spicy mustard, bacon, fried egg, and ketchup… or anything else you want…

1.  Cube you meat, and keep the two types separate (because you want to alternate when you put them into your grinder).

2. Stick your meat in the freezer.  I know this sounds weird, but the colder your meat is the less gooey your patties will turn out.

3. After about an hour or so (when your meat if fully frozen), start to set up your grinder and grind away!  Make sure you alternate types of meat so that you have a well mixed burger.

4. Assemble your patties and put on a tray and in the fridge until you are ready to cook.

5.  Cook on a cast iron pan or a grill pan until cooked through to your liking!

6. Dress your burger as you please!

Enjoy with some home fries!

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