Eating DC: Momofuku CCDC

Momofuku/Milk Bar at City Center DC was probably one of the longest awaited restaurants I have seen in a while.  Based off the original Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York’s East Village, ramen legend, David Chang, decided to try a new concept with the City Center DC Momofuku, serving a more eclectic menu but not forgetting about the fan favorites.
When it first opened this fall (a Momofuku/ Milk Bar combo) the line was wrapped around the corner and the rumor was that you should really be prepared to wait for a table, because they only took reservations for big parties.  With that being said, I sort of expected the space to be tiny, but it’s actually a pretty large sized restaurant for DC standards.
We were seated at the bar pretty quickly and had a great view of all the bao buns in the big bamboo steamers.  (My favorite!).  Since it was our (I went with my dad while he was in town) eating there we chatted up the waiter and asked about the menu and what we absolutely could not miss.  In general, we had a pretty stellar experience and even better service.  The waiters answered all of your questions, recommended beer pairings and helped us decode the Milk Bar desserts.
Sadly, at this location, the famous fried chicken (which I was beyond excited about) is only available for take out orders- which is also odd because in my experience fried food is usually best eaten on location and is hard to reheat/keep crispy.  Moving on from our fried chicken disappointment, we ended up with a great meal of the pork buns, braised fried chicken and the beef noodle soup (which is a Taiwanese beef noodle soup sort of deal).  
Pork Buns- hoisin, scallion, cucumber

Braised Fried Chicken – scallions, cabbage & Rice

Momofuku Beef Noodle Soup- short rib, baby bok choy, black pepper

Overall the menu had some super interesting food choices and everything we ordered was delicious!  I will definitely be returning to try the brisket buns and the Momofuku pork ramen!

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