Eating Hong Kong: Lei Yue Mun

Hong Kong Island (left) and Lei Yue Mun (right) which is on the Kowloon Side
Lei Yue Mun is a wonderful and slightly mysterious place- rich in history, and even more rich in seafood.  It is one of the larger fish/seafood markets in the area, specifically on the Kowloon side of HK.  Historically, the market has been active since the 1960’s first focused on selling seafood to the locals, only more recently becoming a destination for tourists.
The coolest thing about Lei Yue Mun is that it is quite the eating/ food experience- if you are planning on eating there, you walk through the stalls and stalls of fresh and live seafood, picking what you want to eat for your meal.  (You can buy different things from different vendors).  Once the picking is done, you carry your bags of seafood (or the shop owners do it for you) to your restaurant of choice.  There are a few restaurants sprinkled throughout the market, but I would recommend going all the way to the end for a lovely view.  Once at the restaurant, you hand your bags over to the kitchen and tell them how you want each item prepared, or just leave it up the chef’s choice,  
The whole experience seemed a little unreal, picking your meal from large tanks, bargaining with the shop owners, carrying around your live lunch, literally dropping your bags of fish or seafood off in a kitchen of your choice and instructing the chefs how to prep each dish.  It sort of reminded me of a pick-and-chose candy shop… but for fish.
After wandering around the market for some time, we decided it was time to make some choices.  We once again walked the little streets of the market looking for the prettiest lobsters and the most active tiger shrimp.  We picked out a cuttlefish, some beautiful scallops, a large grouper and some other bits and bobs and headed to the restaurant at the edge of the market with a view of the Hong Kong skyline.  From there we took the suggestions from the vendors on how to prep the food as well as let the kitchen make some choices.  We had peel and eat shrimp, Hong Kong style lobster (chilies and garlic), scallop prepared with some glass noodles and chives and soooo much more.
A very large crab!

A woman putting dried fish on skewers

A cuttlefish- is it bad I think this is kind of cute?

Dried fish galore
Crabs and spiky lobsters just hanging out.

HUGE long neck clams

Our prepared lunch of all the seafood we picked out in the market

Don’t miss this experience if you are ever in the HK area, it is truly one of a kind!

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