Eating DC: Maketto

Maketto– store, restaurant and coffee shop all rolled into one hip stop on H Street in DC.  Ramen master, Erik Bruner-Yang from the famous Toki Underground (conveniently across the street) opened shop to expand not only your taste buds but also your experience.
In my opinion there are 4 reasons to go to H Street at the moment, 1) Toki Underground 2) H Street Country Club 3) Bullfrog Bagels and finally and most importantly 4) Maketto.  Now I am not going to lie to you, I loved my first Maketto experience so much that I returned pretty shortly after.  But- let’s not get ahead of ourselves and I will start from the beginning:
Upon entering Maketto from H street it looks like a trendy shop, featuring special edition shoes, shirts, hats and various accessories.  Up in the loft on the second floor is their coffee shop/bar/lounge area that has not only amazing coffee but also incredible pastries.  This store + coffee shop + bar set up actually reminded me a lot of some of the places I came across in Hong Kong- especially Elephant Grounds.  Shop in the front- party or get caffeinated in the back.  It is such a cool concept that should absolutely be emulated more in the States- it definitely makes waiting for a table more enjoyable.
The restaurant kitchen (plus a few tables) are located in a detached section of the main room (you have to walk through a covered outside bit) and there are a few other tables in the shop area and the coffee area as well.  The first time I went, I went for their Dim Sum Brunch which is only on Saturdays and Sundays and it was incredible.  Now, I am not generallyone for fancy, fusion or modern Dim Sum.  I like the classic, probably too authentic version, from the down and dirty Dim Sum places.  (Personal preference.)  BUT with that all being said, this was incredible.  While there were some classics on the menu (har gow, rice crepes, bao, shu mai, etc) there were also some amazing other things such as a gnocchi with a Asian style beef sauce as well as some twists on classics such as honey glazed pork and spareribs.  Overall the service was amazing, the food was fresh and experimental and the energy was just something I was drawn to.  Sadly we got too full to try the Maketto favorite- fried chicken so I promptly made plans to return.
Weekent Dim Sum Brunch ft. cucumber salad, chilis, har gow, rice crepes with shrimp and leek buns (and eager friends)
A few weeks PDS (post Dim Sum) I returned back to Maketto for dinner.  This time, we got to see a totally side different of their menu.  I would say that if you don’t have a reservation, prepare for a bit of a wait because this spot is pretty poppin’.  (Our mistake completely).
This time I only had one repeat, the leek bao, and the rest of the items we ordered were new.  The star of the show was absolutely the Taiwanese style fried chicken which will never be not ordered ever again.  The whole meal was amazing, and we definitely over ordered but there was just too much to try.  
Dinner ft. leek buns, fried oyster omelette, veggie wok fried noodles and not pictures Taiwanese fried chicken

Overall, Maketto is an amazing hangout (to grab coffee and work on your laptop), brunch spot, or dinner spot that should absolutely not be missed!

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