Eating DC: China Boy

Chinatown’s China Boy restaurant is admittedly very easy to miss.  This hole in the wall Chinese place does 98% take out and 2% dine in, considering they only have one large round table in the front of the space.
While from the outside, and, well the inside too, might look like nothing much don’t let it scare you away from the food.  The inside is simple and a bit run down; with a service counter to order from, a fridge with some sodas and chili sauce and a paper, handwritten menu taped to the wall.
Being from SF and having an obsession (if you will) with Asian food, I have been searching for good spots ever since I moved here about 5 years ago.  More specifically I have been searching for a place to get my beloved rice crepes- one of my favorite things to get when I go for Dim Sum.
The food here is quite remarkable and extremely authentic; with rice crepes, chow foon and noodle soups with every type of meat possible.  I think the best part about this place is the pricing.  The chow foon entrees will not only last you a few meals but they are only $9-$10!!
While I don’t think I would recommend this place for date night (unless you pick it up and eat it at home home, perhaps with a movie) this place should absolutely not be missed!!  Such a hidden gem in DC’s Chinatown.
Shrimp Rice Crepes & Chicken Chow Foon

** Be sure to go to an ATM before you check this place out- they only take cash!

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