Eating DC: Duke’s Grocery BRUNCH Edition

I know I have already done a post on Duke’s Grocery, but I need to reiterate my love for this place.  Duke’s is by far one of my absolute favorite spots in DC.  Their menu never disappoints and I love the variety in the items they serve- plus their 12pm-5pm Monday- Friday Happy Hour doesn’t hurt either!
With that being said, up until 2 weeks ago I had never been to Duke’s for brunch- again, probably because of the Happy Hour.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much MORE I love Duke’s now that I have had brunch there.  So much so that I went back this weekend.  Aka two weekends in a row.  
While the menu is very different for brunch- Duke’s minus all the sandwiches, everything is still amazing.  They also have a $16 bottomless mimosa/ Bloody Mary deal too!
The moral of this story is that Duke’s is amazing and everyone should try it and everyone should love Duke’s as much as I do or I might have to defriend you on Facebook.
Proper English Brekkie-
Toast, beans, roasted tomatoes, fried eggs, sausage, black and white sausage, back bacon

Ouefs Norwegienne-
Scrambled eggs, toast, smoked salmon, rocket, roasted tomatoes
Proper (Breakfast) Burger (plus bacon) –
Bun, bacon, cooked onions, pickles, cheese, 2 patties, rocket, sweet chili sauce
Potato Boxty & Proper (Breakfast) Burger (plus bacon)-
Potato Boxty- potato and chive pancakes with rocket on top

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