Eating DC: Bethesda Bagels

Mmm Bethesda Bagels.  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water as I sit here writing at my desk.  When I first moved to DC for university almost 5 years ago Bethesda Bagels was only in Bethesda, making it a treat and a rarity in my diet (probably a good thing).  Since then, they have opened another, more convenient location for us DC-ers in Dupont Circle.

To say I love Bethesda Bagels is an understatement.  I bought their reusable grocery bag with a picture of their bagels on it and if they made a candle I would probably buy that as well.

All of their bagels are homemade and made in house.  They are just the right about of doughy and their everything has just the right amount of onion/garlic flakes.  They have an amazing variety of bagel flavors, including all of the classic, some more unique flavors and the sweet flavors (although I judge people who go to a bagel shop to get a sweet bagel… just get a doughnut).  They also make all their shmears in house which are all amazing.  My favorite of their shmears are their chive cream cheese and salmon cream cheese, but their tuna salad is also magnificent.

While I am always a huge advocate for a bagel and lox sandwich, their egg sandwiches should not be over looked.  I am a huge fan of their bacon, egg and cheese (with scrambled eggs and cheddar) and when they have it, do not miss the Taylor Ham sandwich.  (Taylor Ham is one of the only reasons I like going to New Jersey).

I go to Bethesda Bagels very often, stopping in for a bagel sandwich on the weekend, picking up a dozen bagels for my office’s Bagel Club on Friday or even ordering catering for Yom Kippur.  (Which I recommend, but do in advance).  Their service is fast and they have never messed up my order.

How can you live in DC and NOT go to Bethesda Bagels?  THAT is the question.

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