Eating DC: Momofuku (Revisted)

So my last post on Momofuku was good, but recently I went back and I have a lot more to say about it.  Instead of editing my old post, I decided to create another one.  To back up a bit, my last review said that it was good and innovative but that I had also had better noodle soup and Ramen at other Asian restaurants.  Typically, my favorite types of Asian food places are more down and dirty.  While I admire and appreciate the new “clean” Asian places, they usually leave me still craving the type of food I went searching for.
With that being said, I went back to Momofuku and tried some of the more interesting items on the menu and was completely blown away.  I think when you go to a restaurant that is looking to modernize a certain type of cuisine it is important to not get what you would usually get, because it won’t be exactly what you were expecting.  This time around, I went off the suggestions of the server, only getting one repeat item because the friend I was with wanted to try it.
This time around we started with a glass of wine- which always makes things better!  Next up we ordered two different types of buns, both I hadn’t had before.  Previously, I had tried the pork belly buns, and while I LOVE pork belly I found that the slab of fat on the meat was a bit overwhelming and the mouth feel was a bit off.  These two buns- the brisket bun and the shrimp patty bun- were pretty amazing.  I definitely enjoyed the shrimp bun more, with the shrimp patty being spicy and juicy and served with spicy mayo (probably Kewpie), lettuce, and pickled veg.  The brisket but was good too but didn’t blow my mind.  In my opinion it tasted a bit more like corned beef than brisket, but the way it was served, with lettuce, pickled onions and cucumbers was delicious.  Now for the star of the first course show- the cucumber salad.  Oh my god.  I could probably eat this for the rest of my life and not get sick of it ever.  It is basically a play on a Chinese Smashed Cucumber Salad (recipe on the blog here) but different.  They used big chunks of cucumber, some sort of pureed avocado sauce, toasted almonds, some sort of shichimi (Japanese mixed chili pepper powder) and what tasted like some sort of Japanese seaweed and dried fish rice seasoning- maybe Furikake or Noritamago.  Needless to say, it was fresh and delicious and I will absolutely be remaking this in my tiny kitchen.
Brisket Buns, Cucumber Salad, Shrimp Buns

 Up next was the Taiwanese style Beef Noodle Soup, which I had tried before.  I think the flavor of this is delicious.  I wish the broth was a bit less oily and clear but I love the meat and the mouth feel of the noodles (perfect mix of chewy but not elastic).  Perfect for a tummy warming day.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Last for our dinner we tried the Spicy cold noodles.  This.  Was.  Amazing.  And like nothing I had ever tried before.  This was spicy but in the perfect way.  The cold noodles combined with the sweetness of the candied cashews mellowed out the heat from the Chinese sausage and chili oil.  Overall this was just pretty incredible.

Spicy Cold Noodles- Cold Ramen Noodles with spinach, spicy Chinese sausage and candied cashews

After we basically rolled out of the restaurant, took a long walk around the block, we went back to Milk Bar for dessert.  In general, I am not a huge sweet person so I settled on a soft serve.  I got the Cereal and Milk soft serve with no toppings.  This was, well, confusing.  It tasted exactly like the salty leftover milk from a bowl of corn flakes.  It took a while for me to actually start enjoying this and it was a bit too salty and savory for my taste.  Also, even though there were no physical corn flakes on or in my ice cream, the scratchy feeling in my throat told me otherwise.

From Milk Bar: Cereal and Milk Soft Serve

Overall, this was an incredible 3rd experience and I would highly recommend going and getting the cucumbers, shrimp buns and spicy cold noodles!

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