Passover Edition: Chopped Liver

Passover shmassover- you can eat chopped liver any time, any where, on anything, as far as I am concerned.  For anyone that knows me in person, knows I constantly have my dad’s chopped liver stock piled in my freezer for when I need a fixin’.

“What am I, chopped livah?!”

Chopped liver has a bad reputation- for looking and smelling a bit foul.  Perhaps it is a cultural thing or something you need to be raised with the acquire a taste and craving for.  Chopped liver is basically a less fancy and more Jewish pate. (Bare with me).

3 cartons of chicken liver (about 3lbs)
2 pears; peeled & sliced
1 tbsp pear liqueur; honey or agave works too
2 large onions
2 shallots
Salt & pepper
6-7 hard boiled eggs

**You are going to need equal parts chicken liver to onions and shallots.

Chop the onions and shallots in large chunks & put in a food processor.

Drain the liver so it isn’t soaking wet & all the gunk is washed off.

In a large pan add some chicken fat and some oil. 
Add the onions and shallots and cook down.  
Make sure to add salt and pepper too!
Once the onions are cooked down and a bit caramelized, make a hole in the middle & put in your livers!
Don’t stir the liver and onions so much because you don’t want to break them apart.  
You do want to make sure the liver gets some pan time and gets a nice crusty outside & is fully cooked through. (No pink insides)
When the onions and livers are cooked down, add the pears to the pan to start cooking down as well
The key to a great chopped liver is adding a bit of sweetness to the mineral taste of liver.  
This is the point where you add the pear liqueur to the pan and flambé is so you cook the alcohol taste out. 
While your pan cooks down a bit more, taste the broth and season to taste.  I added a bit of chicken consume and some Lowerys Seasoned Salt.

When the liver and onions are completely cooked, turn off heat and let the pan cool completely down. If you don’t let the ingredients cool completely, your chopped liver is going to be a really horrible mushy consistency.
When everything is cooled down, get your food processor or meat grinder ready.
If you are using a meat grinder, alternate between liver, onions, pears and hard boiled eggs & if you are using a food processor you can put it all in at once!

Once everything is ground up, put it in your bowl & refrigerate until ready to serve.
Serve with crackers or with pieces of iceberg lettuce.

On Passover- eat with matzah!

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