Eating SF: Hog Island Oyster Co.

One of my favorite things to do every time I return to the Bay Area is to go out for oysters.  There are two spots we (my family and I ) usually go when I am in town, the first is in the West Marin town of Marshall called the Marshall Store, and the other and more convenient place we go is Hog Island in the Embarcadero Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Going to Hog Island is such a treat.  The food is amazing, the service is amazing and the view, don’t even get me started on the view.  The restaurant is located half inside and half outside of the Ferry Building with the outside bit backing up right to the water with a spectacular view of the Bay, the Bay Bridge and Alcatraz.  It really cannot be beat.

When I was home last week, my parents and I decided to go to Hog Island on the Sunday of Opening Boat day!  Lucky for me, Snow Crab season is upon us so our order included a large crab.  There are a few things that cannot be missed whenever you go, first and obviously, raw oysters and second is the clam chowder.  (We ordered 1/2 a dozen raw oysters, but I was too excited that I forgot to take a picture).

They make their clam chowder broth-y and not super thick, with a wonderful mouth feel.  The broth is creamy and clammy and has that wonderful smokey bacon taste as well.

Split bowl of Clam Chowder and a Bloody Mary

This was actually the first time I had ordered a Bloody Mary there and I was quite impressed!  I loved the spiciness of the jalapeno and horse radish they added and it was overall just delicious!

Full sized clam chowder (and my dog, George, in the corner).

Some of the seasonal things we ordered included a squid and white bean salad and a roasted crab.  the squid and white bean salad was light and delicious and well seasoned.  Sometimes squid can be easily overcooked and rubbery feeling but this was so incredibly perfectly cooked that is just melted in your mouth.  I felt like I was dining off the coast of Italy!

Squid and white bean salad with parsley, spring onion and a simple vinaigrette

The next seasonal dish we ordered was the roasted whole crab, which was both delicious and huge.  The crab comes serves warm with a garlic, parsley buttery sauce and it is really such a treat.  The meat was sweet and it was so good accompanied with the spicy sweetness of the garlic butter sauce.

Roasted Crab (warm)

Overall Hog Island is one of those “can’t miss” places while in SF.  The whole experience is delicious and wonderful, from the drinks, to the seafood, to the view!

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