Eating DC: A Baked Joint

A Baked Joint, the sister restaurant to the famous DC cupcake and coffee establishment, Baked & Wired, is a wonderful hidden spot located between the big development-type buildings in that weird area between Chinatown and Mt. Vernon.
Similar to Baked & Wired, they make all of their breads, pastries and other baked goodies in house and are constantly pushing the boundaries of flavors all while keeping the classics.  A Baked Joint, however, offers more in the realm of savory items, such as their killer sandwiches.  I have been there before and ordered one of the best BLTs I have yet to have outside of my own kitchen but unfortunately I ate it to fast to take a picture.  It be that way sometimes.
Luckily, my office isn’t so far, so a lunch break there is completely doable.  Yesterday I met a friend for lunch and we ordered quite the picnic.  We both ordered sandwiches and sweet treats and she got a chai.  I passed on the caffeine, as I was well into my coffee intake for the day.
The chicken salad sandwich was on the sweeter side with a mayo-curry dressing on a perfectly flakey croissant.  The meatloaf sandwich was surprisingly not as heavy as I was expecting and came with crisp lettuce, mayo, topped with fried onions and served between thick slices of buttered toast.
For dessert, I couldn’t resist the Vanilla Satin Cake which was beyond delicious.  The cake itself wasn’t overly sweet but went well with the sweet, velvety chocolate frosting.  My friend got the Pumpkin Ginger Spice cake which is your normal, fall time pumpkin bread on steroids.  It was sweet and spicy from the chunks of candied ginger embedded in the cake, with a cream cheese, ginger icing.

The space is modern and airy with a lot of nice seating and tables.  I prefer the layout of  A Baked Joint over Baked & Wired because it is less stuffy and their are more options for seating.

Overall A Baked Joint is great place for lunch, a coffee break or a mid afternoon treat!  Be sure to check it out!

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