Eating DC: Sushi Taro

Surprisingly, amazing sushi is pretty hard to come by in DC.  There are plenty of Japanese (Yakatori and Ramen) shops and a ton of Thai/ sushi combo restaurants but nothing that is classic sushi with amazing raw fish.  Of course I eat sushi in whatever form it comes in but being from SF and loving raw fish, I was looking for something really stellar.
Recently I moved, putting me in a new neighborhood with a new (and amazing) selection of restaurants.  Located above a CVS (I am not kidding) Sushi Taro is quite literally a hidden gem.  The vibe is cool and retro Japanese with a nice bar and a great street view.  The menu is amazing, reminding me of my SF favorite, Kabuto Sushi.
I was very pleasantly surprised to see all of my favorite fish options, some really unusual house rolls and of course a couple of sake flight options.  I am a huge fan of anything that comes from the sea, so this meal was really a treat for me.
We started off the meal with one of my favorite Japanese beers, Echigo Koshihikari, and a flight of the sweet sakes.  Then we got some octopus tempura which was really amazing.  The octopus was perfectly tender and warm and had a buttery mouth feel.  I am one of those people that orders octopus WHENEVER I see it on the menu and was really excited about this.
Tempura Octopus
After the tempura, we went for two of their daily sashimi specials, a fatty tuna belly sashimi and a white salmon sashimi.  I love tuna belly and I don’t think I had ever had white salmon before but both were amazing and absolutely fresh.
Top: White Salmon Sashimi, Bottom: Tuna Belly Sashimi
Next up we got three types of sashimis: yellow tail, hamachi, and sweet shrimp along with one of their signature rolls: Poke-Mon Roll.  All three of the sashimis were delicious and so fresh tasting and as a personal fan of sweet shrimp (raw shrimp) the only thing I was bummed out about was that they didn’t bring the fried head, like I am used to.
The Poke-Mon roll was also amazing.  It is a tuna poke roll (tuna, spicy mayo, scallions) with avocado on top.  It was light and tasty and it was even a hit with my mother who is usually against the fakakta rolls.
Yellow Tail nigiri, hamachi nigiri, sweet shrimp nigiri and the Poke-Mon Roll
For the last and final round, we got some of our favorites.  First up we had the uni sashimi and we picked the Santa Barbara uni because we prefer it on the sweeter side.  then we got raw scallop which was easily one of the best things we had all night.  I actually prefer raw scallops to cooked scallops- always.  Lastly, and my favorite way to end a sushi meal, we got tamago, a sweet egg omelette over sticky rice.  I thought this tamago was delicious AND beautiful.  The rice was hidden in a pocket of egg and the imprinting on the egg was really pretty.
Uni sashimi, raw scallop sashimi, tamago
This is easily one of the best meals I have had in DC in a while, and definitely the best sushi I have yet to find in DC.  I am so happy to have this place in my neighborhood and will definitely be returning (frequently).  If you are in DC, looking for amazing sushi, look no further and check out Sushi Taro.

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