Eating DC: Slipstream

Slipstream is a new kind of coffee shop.  The space itself is similar to it’s concept: clean, modern, and damn delicious.  This unique coffee shop serves simple, hearty, home-y, food, delectable coffee and craft cocktail.s  It is everything you want in a new hang out spot.

Something I admire about this spot is the fact that they have fully embraced the fad of fancy avocado toasts and bowls and made it a staple on their menu (and in the hearts of their customers!).  So far, I have only been for breakfast and was blown away by their artisan selection of such simple items.

They have breakfast sandwiches on fresh baguettes and brioche, a variety of lunch time sandwiches, ranging from a BBQ pork sandwich to a caramelized onion, apple, mushroom sandwich.  They offer a soup of the day, and finally, the star of the show, their toasts.  The toasts take your normal, on-the-go breakfast item and turn it into a culinary experience.  They have a white bean hummus and pepper tomato confit toast, mushroom duxelle with goat cheese and many more delicious choices!


 Avocado and goat cheese mousse  toast with a side of poached eggs

I went for an early breakfast on a Sunday, and while they don’t take reservations, we got there around 9:30am and there was no wait.  We started with coffee, I chose a cappuccino and we both got the avocado and goat cheese toast with a side of eggs.  The service was wonderful and our server did a great job breaking down the huge and intricate coffee menu.

My first impression was a great one and I am really looking forward to going back for breakfast and trying another item, as well as for happy hour and dinner!

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