Eating DC: Sakuramen

Sakuramen is a little Ramen shop in the heart of Adam’s Morgan, DC, quite literally, tucked beneath the bars.

As soon as you walk in, you notice with a trendy Japanese vibe complete with a long, shared middle table and few seats.  If you try to go around 8:00PM on a weekend, you will definitely have to wait but it is worth a shot.

We started off our meal with the Bulgogi Buns, which were delicious and spiced to perfection.  Then, for our main attraction we all ordered different types of Ramen:

Shoki Bowl- with extra chashu, bulgogi, seasoned egg, green onion, sprouts, nori and ninniku dare

Choshun- Angus ribeye bulgogi, roasted kimchi, seasoned egg, and nori in a shoyu broth

Tonkotsu- tonkotsu pork broth with Berkshire pork belly chashu, kikurage (mushrooms), menma, green onion, kuro mayo (charred garlic oil) and nori

All the different types of Ramen we ordered were extremely different.  I ordered the Shoki Bowl, which had me at the “for our meat lovers” in the description. The broth was savory but not heavy and the bulgogi was sweet which was a great comparison to the tender chashu (pork belly).

The Chosun Ramen pulled more from Korean flavors with the bulgogi and kimchi additions.  The broth was a shoyu base but had the sour and spicy kick of the kimchi.

Lastly, the Tonkotsu reminded me most of a traditional Ramen with a murky, heavy tonkotsu pork broth and the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly.  It was savory and hit all of your Ramen senses!

Overall I came out of my meal at Sakuramen a very happy camper and cannot wait to go back and try the Spicy Sweet Pork buns and another type of Ramen!

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