Eating Annapolis: Preserve

Since last weekend was a holiday weekend (shout out to Labor Day!) my friends and I decided to venture outside DC and take a day trip to Annapolis- a place none of us had ever been before!  Which is sad because I have been in DC for 5 years now!  While the main reason we chose Annapolis, besides being pretty close, was to eat Maryland Crabs/seafood before the end of the season, we decided to head in early to get brunch and walk around.  (General Annapolis pics below..)

After some research and looking through Youtuber, Katy Bellotte, an Annapolis native’s Instagram I found Preserve.  Preserve could not be located more central and convenient! (AKA on Main Street).  It is a cute little space that is rustic and modern with a beautiful bar and a few tables on the sidewalk for outdoor seating.  While they don’t take reservation, we got there as soon as their brunch service began (at 11am) and had no problem being seated and served.

Clockwise from top left, PA Dutch Hash, Kimchi Salad, Baked Limas, In Season BLT

We obviously started with coffee, which was delicious and French pressed.  The served legit put a freshly brewed French press on our table for us to share.

Next came the food and we ordered 4 dishes to share:

In Season BLT- Bacon, Bibb Lettuce, Tomatoe, Black Pepper Mayo (w/ fries)
Kimchi Salad- Brined Cucumbers, Jalepeno Mayo, Sesame
PA Dutch Hash- Poached Eggs, Potatoes, Bologna, Hollandaise
Baked Limas- 2 Sunny Side Eggs, Baked Lima Beans, Bacon, Garlic Bread Crumbs

I think my favorite dish by far was the PA Dutch Hash, the bologna was like thick cut salami and was delicious.  The Baked Limas were also really delicious but I am definitely a meat with my eggs kinda girl.

Overall, the service was wonderful, the menu was super unique, local and in season and I would absolutely return!

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