Eating Charleston: Husk

The minute I found out that my family and I were taking a weekend trip to Charleston, SC, I booked us a table at Husk.  To say that I am obsessed with Chef Sean Brock (Chef/Owner of Husk) is an understatement.  His season on Mind of A Chef was one of my favorites, he is a James Beard winner (so, duh) and he has pretty much single handedly brought back and revolutionized low country, and Southern cooking.

First, let me tell you a bit about Sean Brock and his vision, as it will hopefully tell you a bit more about my experience at Husk and why it was so incredible.  Brock has completely reinterpreted using local produce, products and suppliers to influence his menus and style of cooking.  Most of his dishes and techniques are not only ingredient driven but also focus on the rediscovery of heirloom products (ie: Carolina Gold Rice, seed saving, etc).  He is constantly toying between the idea of modernizing Southern food but also keeping it authentic, traditional and even returning it to its roots.

“If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door,”  Sean Brock

The restaurant itself is a typical (and gorgeous) Charleston style home with a wrap around porch and everything!  The inside is modern yet rustic, which reflects the style of food and Brock’s cooking ideology.

Our dinner there was nothing short of fantastic.  (And obviously we over ordered and over ate, but there was too much to try!)

To start we had to have the fried chicken skins with pimento cheese along with the Tennessee ribs in a peach glaze, accompanied by fried pork rinds.  Heavy? Absolutely.  Delicious?  Absolutely.  Worth it?  ABSOLUTELY.

Fried chicken skins and Tennessee ribs

Nest we had some hand cut pasta (which had the perfect amount of chew) with roasted tomatoes, and mushrooms in a mushroom miso sauce, topped with a farm egg.  You had me at farm egg…

Then, we each ordered our own entree, but we had tastes of each others.  The first entree was a Carolina Rice and pork joule made from pork shoulder and butt and the rice had corn, okra, tomatoes and sorrel.  The rice was perfect, plump and flavorful and the pork was perfectly tender and juicy.

The next entree was a crispy skin-on snapper with Carolina Rice and red beans with charred eggplant, tomato and new potatoes.  This was incredible.  The fish was flaky and buttery and the accompaniments were bold and hearty.

The last entree we shared was a duck confit leg with shredded duck confit on top of faro, cabbage and unions.  This dish was surprisingly light and succulent.  In my humble opinion, if duck confit is on the menu, it must be ordered.

To go along with our entrees we had to get the famous succotash that I had learned so much about on Mind of A Chef.  In the succotash there were black eyed peas, butter beans, corn, orka, onion and obliviously cooked with pork lard.  THIS WAS AMAZING.  (descriptive, right?)  First of all, I had never had succotash in my life before, and second of all it was the perfect side to our dishes… I really should have just had the bowl of the succotash to myself as an entree because it absolutely stole the show.

Sadly, by the time dessert came I was too stuffed (but happy) to even look at the menu but I am sure the dessert is incredible.

DO NOT miss Husk if you visit Charleston.  The food, the technique and really everything about it will blow you away!

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