Eating Asheville: Mamacita’s Taco Temple

I am only about 3 months late with the Asheville posts- but better late than never.  In early November, my friend and I (shout out to Kait) drove down from D.C. to Asheville, N.C.  We drove a long, but beautiful, drive through Roanoke, the Smokey Mountains, Johnson City and then down into Asheville.

After doing our food research, we mapped out our days according to our meals- because how else do you plan your trips?!!  Our first destination was Mamacita’s Taco Temple.  Tacos… in Asheville?  Yes, tacos in Asheville.  As a native Californian, I too was skeptical but the taco scene in Asheville is really something.

Located about 5 minutes from the downtown area, Mamacita’s Taco Temple offers a fun, casual and hip environment.  Their tacos range from classic to experimental.  The service was incredible and the tacos were equally as impressive.

Kait and I each got three different tacos, and a guac to split.  You know, not to be rude or anything.


The tacos I ordered where the Al Pastor, Santa Barbara and the Baja.  The Al Pastor was made with roasted red chile spiced pork with the traditional sweet pineapple and cooked on a vertical spit (think Mexican shwarma).  The Santa Barbara was a play on carne asada with ancho chile and brown sugar rubbed steak.  Lastly the Baja was a fried cod fish taco, with cabbage and sweet mayo dressing.

Kait went a different direction with a Chicken Tinga, Borracha and Panela.  The Chicken Tinga was pulled chicken cooked in a tomato sauce.  The Borracha is a rotisserie chicken cooked in a beer chile sauce.  The Panela was basically an amped up grilled cheese in a tortilla with panela cheese, pablano peppers, black beans and pickled onions.

Overall Mamacita’s was such a fun experience and way to get our trip started.  The guy that took our orders was super helpful and helped us make some of our other food decisions for the weekend.  We also discovered a local hot sauce and he told us where to buy it!

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