Eating Asheville: All Souls Pizza

As we were doing our research for our trip to Asheville there was one surprising place that kept popping up: All Souls Pizza. Pizza?  In Asheville?  My thoughts exactly.  I thought going to Asheville would mean BBQ, soul food, low country cooking but much to my surprise the food scene there is extremely diverse!

On our first night in Asheville we decided to get cozy in our Airbnb, watch some movies and order pizza.  (It was a long drive from D.C.,, no judging).  Obviously we had to order from All Souls Pizza, the most praised pizza shop in all of the city.

Top: country ham, egg  & mozerella
Bottom: NC soppressata, tomato, basil, oregano, garlic & aged sheep cheese

While I was hesitant to give one of my meals in Asheville to pizza- this place did not disappoint.  In fact, it completely blew my mind.  The flavors were unique, innovative and all their ingredients are locally sourced.  Their pizza flavors range from a classic cheese, to NC made soppressata, to a breakfast pizza featuring a NC classic, country ham to smoked shrimp to turnip pizza and many more.  On top of normal pizzas, they also offer an option that I don’t see often on menus; polenta crusted pizza.  I lov ethe fact that they are taking NC classic flavors and ingredients (country ham, smoked shrimp, etc) and adding them to something so common like pizza.


I understand that people go to Asheville for more than just pizza, but this isn’t just pizza!  All Souls Pizza comes VERY highly recommended in my book!


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