Eating CA: In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger, a West Coast classic.  When people all over the world think of California, I guarantee they say surfing, the beach, sunshine and In-N-Out; at least people who think about food all the time like I do.

The menu is simple; burger, cheese burger, double burger/cheese burger, shakes in three flavors and fries.  That is it.  To me, the star of the show at In-N-Out is the burger.  The patties are juicy and thin, the tomato, white onion and lettuce are crispy and brings a sort of freshness to the greasy burger.  The secret sauce (something like a Thousand Island dressing) is creamy and salty and brings it all together.

I don’t think In-N-Out’s fries are the best in the game, but they do the job.  They lack salt and crisp and inside.  Just sort of a fry.  The milkshakes are delicious but will put you into a dairy coma- in the best sort of way.

On top of the menu that you see in every In-N-out restaurant, there is a secret menu that “regulars” only know to ask for.  Some of my favorites include:
– Animal Style (fries or a burger): special sauce, sautéed onions and melted cheese.
– Protein Style Burger: burger without the bun and with lettuce instead.
– Add Peppers: adding spicy sweet banana peppers to your burger
– Whole Grilled Onion: not a fan of the raw onion?  Ask for a whole grilled onion on your burger!

There are more but these are my favorites!

Obviously In-N-Out is a must try if you are ever on the West Coast.  It is essentially a great fast food burger, but still worth a visit.

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