Eating DC: Sakerum

Sakerum is a swanky new Japanese- Latin fusion restaurant in the 14th Street Corridor.   While the outside may be unassuming with dark heavy doors, the inside is hip and lively, with a cool, modern bar, colorful murals and an awesome drink lounge on the roof.  This place is definitely a “scene”- meaning that the people walking in looked like they were ready for a night out in Vegas. (But I showed up in jeans and a nice shirt and was fine!)

I have been to Asian- Latin fusion restaurants before and not loved it; think miso soup with pico de gallo.. nope! But Sakerum totally changed my mind on this cross cultural food.

To start out, the sake and cocktail list was amazing.  I got the Godzilla Crush, which is essentially a mojito with sake (delish!).

For our meal, we decided to go with a few warm starters and two rolls- if I were to go back I would probably skip the rolls and just eat their cold and warm starters only because the rolls didn’t blow me away and I can get sushi rolls anywhere.

For our warm starters we went with the Bao Bun that had pork belly , gochujang, pickled red cabbage, shiso and hoisin sauce; the Yaki Tako which was a large portion of grilled octopus with lemon oil and mango picante salsa; lastly we got the Kushi which where grilled BBQ short ribs skewers, sesame seeds, edamame, corn, garlic and pickled onion.

In my opinion the Kushi and Bao Bun absolutely stole the show.

For the next item we got a simple salmon sashimi (2 pieces) that was really delicious.  I feel like if you are going to get sushi, sashimi is definitely the move.

For the rolls we got Arco Iris roll and the Kazan roll.  The Arco Iris, which was my favorite of the two, was salmon, tuna, yellow tail, ebi, avocado, cucumber, crab salad and bonito flakes.  It was basically a fancy Rainbow Roll.  The Kazan roll was a baked (aka it was warm) spicy masago crab salad, shrimp tempura, avocado, toasted black sesame seed aioli. I thought this was good but I would have preferred if it wasn’t warm- to be honest, it sort of threw me off.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Sakerum to my fellow Japanese food lovers.  The atmosphere is really unique and unlike anywhere else I have been in DC.  Definitely worth checking out.

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