Eating DC: Agora (Brunch)

Agora is one of my go to DC spots- probably because the food is delicious AND it is legitimately 4 steps from my front door.  Win-win for everyone, in my humble opinion.

Agora serves Turkish and Mediterranean food in tapas or mezze style dishes.  I am not being dramatic when I say that everything I have tried here is truly delicious.  Usually I go for dinner, but recently I went for brunch and was very pleasantly surprised.

For brunch, Agora has an awesome all you can eat and drink deal for $36.99.  The only catch is that your entire table needs to decide together whether or not to the all you can eat/drink deal.  My suggestion is to just go with a group you know will decide to do all you can eat.

Everything we got for brunch was delicious… and we got basically everything on the menu.  We started with three dips, baba ganoush, hummus and htipti.  We also got a soft goat cheese and a feta cheese that were bot delicious.  Then came everything else, some highlights being the Turkish beef sausage, baklava French toast, Imam Bayildi (eggplant stuffed with onions, tomatoes, and other delicious stuff), Kasik (basically Israeli salad with olives), the breakfast wrap and both the flat breads.

Overall, this place is perfect for a big group of hard-core brunchers, aka eaters and drinkers.

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