Top TWO Burgers in DC

There is nothing quite like having a mind blowing burger.  Burgers are such “normal” foods but when you get a good one, it can really blow your mind.  After six years eating my way around DC, I have finally decided that my top two favorite burgers areeeee….
…drum roll please…
1. Duke’s Grocery
This is pretty non negotiable.  Any DC-ite will tell you that Duke’s is where it is at.  Whether it is the classic Proper Burger or the Brunch Burger, you really can’t go wrong.  I think what does it for me, is the sweet chili sauce they use on their burger.  It brings an amazing sweetness and something unique to an American staple.

2. Salt- N-Pepper Burger at Wet Dog Tavern
Let me give you some background info on this one- Wet Dog Tavern is a bar in DC that houses a burger shack on their back patio.  A Michelin Star chef from NYC came down and opened this little spot and is serving up some pretty incredible patties.  Not only is it a total luxury to be at the bar AND your drunk food destination at the same time, but these burger are unreal.  They are simple and clean and have a uniqueness to them; thanks jalepeno jam!  Not to mention they come with home made potato chips.

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