Eating DC: Shouk

Shouk is my new favorite lunch place near my office!  It is a fast casual, vegan (I know..), Israeli restaurant located in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of DC (near the Walter E Convention Center and Chinatown).  All their dishes are full of spice and fresh ingredients- I really do feel like I have just stepped out of DC and into the Shuk in Jerusalem.

Normally I don’t give vegan/veg restaurants the time of day, but I really couldn’t resist after hearing my friends and colleagues rave about it.  The restaurant itself is pretty small- so definitely not big group friendly.  There are two picnic tables outside and a few seats inside but I feel like Shouk really caters to the order and dine at your office crowd.

My favorite two things on the menu are the cauliflower pita and the polenta fries… both with harissa (duh).  There is nothing like a perfectly roast cauliflower with creamy tahini!  I have tried both the cauliflower bowl (with rice and lentils) and pita and definitely prefer the pita (just because I like pita more) but both are delicious!  I can’t wait to go back and try the other flavors of pita such as chickpea or mushroom.

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