Eating DC: All-Purpose Pizzeria

I love a good pizza, I mean, who doesn’t?!  All- Purpose Pizzeria is DC’s newest edition to the pizza scene and let me tell you, I am not mad.  This is way more than just your average pizzeria.

First of all, the location in Shaw is amazing.  The restaurant itself is rustic feeling and a little modern with the double-decker metal pizza ovens (think NYC slices).

Then menu is pretty classic sit-down pizzeria with some amazing twists.  (You’ll see what I mean as I go through what we got).  To start we ordered a couple dishes and also got some sent to our table by my old colleague from when I worked at a restaurant, who is now working there.  (Shout out to Tim!).

To start we got the straciatella & peperonata which was a creamy mozzarella & fior di latte, sweet peppers, pine nuts, olives, herbs and toast.  It was like a thick cheese dip with a roasted red peper tapenade on top.  We also got the fried summer beans with a mustard dip which was like a better version of tempura green beans, the Don’s meatball surprise, eggplant parm, and a delicious broccoli dish with breadcrumbs, ricotta salata and lemon.  the broccoli was one of the best dishes of the night.

For pizza we decided to stick to the classics.  We got the Bayside which is a classic tomato mozzarella pizza and the Buona, which had tomato, pepperoni, mozzarella, chili honey, basil and grana.  The Buona was the most perfect pepperoni pizza I have ever had.  The sweetness of the honey mixed with the spicyness of the pepperoni was amazing.  I am going to forever put honey on my pizza!

Lastly, we couldn’t pass up dessert, even though we were stuffed!  We got the Nutella pie which was super rich but delicious as well!

All-Purpose Pizzeria is my new favorite spot.  I literally haven’t stopped thinking about pizza since we went two weeks ago.

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