Eating NYC: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

About a month ago I was visiting NYC and staying in the East Village, so obviously I had to try Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, as a post Broadway show snack.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in; it was clean and inviting, it didn’t smell strongly of frying oil annnnnddd they had a great music playlist on.

The menu is basic, easy to follow and they have a good combination of what I like to call “basics” and “interestings”.  In the “basics” category we have our class tender basket, fried chicken pieces (light and dark meat) baskets, chicken sandwiches that are pretty much just chicken and bread and wings.  In the “interestings” category we have a drumstick basket, liver and onions, beak to butt basket (necks, backs, hearts, gizzards, etc) and some super yummy sandwiches.  I love the variety of their menu and love it even more that they don’t just do chicken tenders/nuggets.  I like to see restaurants use the under-appreciated part of the chicken too!  (Major points since this isn’t a table service restaurant!)

They also have an awesome beer menu and a ton of homemade sauce on the tables with great and unique flavors.

Since I had already eaten dinner, I didn’t go toooo crazy, so I got The Wing Man (2 whole wings, fries and coles slaw) and a side of mac and cheese (because duh).  The wings were incredible.  They were way more than simple fried chicken!  The outside was fried to a perfect golden brown crisp and their batter was beautifully seasoned.  The fries were also delicious; thin and crispy with a little bit of softness in the middle.  The mac and cheese was also good.  Not especially creamy but great flavors and not mush!  Lastly the sauces were incredible.I had a sweet BBQ sauce and some hot sauce I think I put on everything.

Overall I will definitely be back.  Absolutely checkout one of Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken’s locations, it is worth every bite!

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