Eating DC: Tiger Fork

Tiger Fork in Shaw’s Blagden Alley, is a hidden gem of DC.  From the outside, it is unassuming, marked only by neon Chinese letter.. but one you go inside, you are transported to Hong Kong!  Tiger Fork brings the spirit, atmosphere and cuisine of HK to the middle of DC.  It is truly incredible!

The inside of the restaurant is a great size (not too roomy but not cramped) and decorated with eclectic “oriental” accents.  When you first walk in there is a square, hallow bar with seating all around it and the bar tenders making craft cocktails and service Chinese and Japanese beers in the middle.  As you walk back into the restaurant, the dining space opens up with wooden communal tables running down the middle and individual smaller tables along the sides.  The ceiling is littered with red paper lanterns and the walls have really awesome murals.  The kitchen is in the back of the room and it is completely exposed, allowing customers to watch the woks!

The menu is small, too the point and packed with flavor.  It was really authentic to Hong Kong’s cuisine, bring a bite of a modern twist to it.  Obviously I wanted to order everything but I contained myself and got five items to share.  To start, along with some beer, our waiter brought some complimentary pickled mushrooms, which were unique and tart.

To start, we got the Smash Cucumber Salad with garlic, chili and sesame.  This was one of the best smashed cucumber salads I have ever had.  It was the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy.

Next we got the Kowloon Buns which had beef, ginger, and black vinegar.  They were delicious!  They were basically a pan fried, larger soup dumpling with less soup and more meat but when you bit into them, liquid still came out!  They were savory, crisp and I wanted 65 more.

For our last “appetizer” we got the Cheung Fun (rice noodle roll) with shrimp and flowering chive in a beautiful thick sauce.  This was probably my favorite item on the menu because it was packed with flavor and unlike anything else I have ever had before.  Inside of the rice noodle rolls I am used to, the ones that look like crepes, they made almost little sushi rolls with it!

Then came our entree and we obviously had to get the Pork Ribs with soy & ginger, in a Happy Lady Spice and the Fried Rice with chicken and Chinese sausage.  Both we sooooo good.  The pork ribs were sweet, tangy and sticky, almost in a char sui bao sort of sauce.  The rice was also amazing, with short grain rice and big pieces of egg crepe.

After our meal, we were proficiently stuffed, so we didn’t order dessert but I wish we had gotten the bubble waffle with ice cream and “fun stuff”.  I had the BEST time at Tiger Fork (just asked my boyfriend) and I can’t wait to go back and taste everything else.  New favorite spot!

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