Homemade Sushi

Up until recently, I thought making sushi at home seemed like a pain; messy and hard.  Boy was I wrong!  Making sushi at home could not be easier.  All you need is the ingredients and a bamboo sushi mat like this, which you can find at most cookware stores and online.  You can put anything in sushi.. veggies, fried tofu, kimchi, fish (although I would recommend using sushi grade raw fish vs. just fish from the super market).
For my first attempt, I went with two different types of sushi.  
1. Cucumbers, avocado, sprouts, kimchi, furikaki and fake crab. 
2.  Cucumbers, avocado, sprouts, kimchi, fried tofu, Kewpie mayo, furikaki and takoyaki sauce.
Sushi rice
Sheets of Nori; one sheet per roll
1/2 cucumber; thinly sliced
1/2 avocado; thinly sliced
any other toppings you want
Lay your Nori flat on the bamboo mat.
With a wet spoon, spread your rice all over the Nori, leaving about a centimeter around the edges.
Layer your ingredients vertically at the edge of one side of your riced Nori.
Start rolling your Nori from the edge with all the fillings, pulling the bamboo mat over it as you go.
Continue rolling until the whole thing is in a long cylinder.
Remove the mat from the roll & cut into slices.
Optional: top with Kewpie mayo, takoyaki sauce, sesame seeds or furikaki flakes.

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