Eating DC: Pop’s Sea Bar

Walking into Pop’s Sea Bar in Adam’s Morgan, DC, is reminiscent of a small town, familiar beach shack restaurant on the Jersey Shore, except it is located right off the busy 18th Street.  Walking inside, you are immediately transported seaside and greeted by super friendly staff that seem to know everyone in the place!  I admire places in a “big” city that continue to know and value their everyday customers.

The menu, drink list, and inside decor is based around a Jersey Shore experience.  The restaurant has a long bar and a lot of driftwood accessories.  The drink menu has an awesome draft and beer list as well as features signature cocktails, including the classic Eastern Shore Orange Crush and Grapefruit Crush.  The menu features both fried and fresh seafood, burgers, Boardwalk Chicken, Pork Roll specialties and more.

For my first time there, I went with some of the classics- $1 happy hour local oysters, fish tacos (which were the Wednesday night special, Old Bay fries, peel & eat shrimp and Boardwalk chicken.

The oysters were delicious and a great deal!  They were shucked right in front of us and were very fresh!

The Old Bay fries were super crispy and well seasoned and the Boardwalk chicken was incredible.  For those who don’t know, like I didn’t prior to eating at Pop’s, boardwalk chicken are little pieces of fried thigh meat with a spicy tar tar sauce on the side.

Lastly, my favorite two items that we ordered were the daily special fish tacos and the peel and eat shrimp.  The fish tacos were fresh, fried fish, with a pickled slaw, cilantro and lime.  Probably the best fish tacos I have yet to find in the District, being from CA and all.  The Peel and Eat Shrimp (pictured above) consisted of large, succulent shrimp, boiled with Old Bay and served with corn.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Pop’s to anyone who wants fresh seafood in the neighborhood.  It is a great bang for your buck and a complete unique experience in DC.

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