Eating DC: Service Bar

Service Bar is tucked nicely in the middle of the bustling U Street neighborhood, and offers amazing cocktails, fried chicken and other small bites. The bar itself is packed with a selection of alcohol and fun glasses; almost reminiscent of a tiki bar but not quite.

Both their food and cocktail/drink menu have amazing selections that span the genres of cuisine.  For my first time there, I tried a mint Julep and a gin drink that were both amazing.  The Julep was classic and filled with fresh mint, while the gin drink was floral and delicious.

For food, my friends and I split the Mac & Cheese that was made with gruyere cheese and rosemary breadcrumbs, some meatballs and of course, the Country Fried Chicken & Fries that was made with lemon brind chicken legs with honey hot sauce and rosemary flor de sal fries.  The fried chicken was absolutely incredible.  It was crispy and the batter was full of flavor.  I also loved the mac and cheese because it wasn’t over-the-top heavy but really light and flavorful.

Service Bar is an INCREDIBLE spot, that I feel like a lot of people don’t know about- or at least the people I hang out with- and they are definitely missing out.  Stop into Service Bar for an amazing drink and some fried chicken (do I need to convince you more?!)

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