Eating STL: Bogart’s Smokehouse

Besides seeing my family, my favorite part about going to St. Louis, MO is the BBQ and the frozen custard-style ice cream (shout out to Ted Drewes).  The last time I was there, we tried a new place, Bogart’s Smokehouse, in the very cool Soulard area of the city.  I have been going to St. Louis since I was a child and I don’t think I have ever been to Soulard/Soulard market before but I would highly recommend it.  Soulard is one of the oldest parts of the city and has a cute old-timey feeling along with an amazing outdoor food market.

Anyways- back to the BBQ.  While roaming around Soulard, my family found Bogart’s and what a treat!  We orders a rack of pork ribs and some smoked chicken wings along with the deviled egg potato salad (oh my god), baked beans, collard greens and cole slaw.  Everything was incredible! 

The ribs were sweet, sticky and fall off the bone while the wings had an awesome smokey flavor.  My favorite side was absolutely the deviled egg potato salad, because what’s not to like?!  All the other sides were amazing as well but the potato salad was something special.

Next time you need a new BBQ adventure in STL, I would highly recommend checking out Bogart’s and checking out the Soulard neighborhood!

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