About Me

Hi I’m Gracie- author and owner of The Brisket Diaries.  I originally hail from the farm-to-table capital of the world: Marin County, California and currently live and work across the country in Washington, DC.  (I moved out to DC in 2011 to attend American University and have been here ever since!).

I developed a love for cooking watching my dad in the kitchen; in my house, food is our love language.   My dad has always been the cook of the family, although that is slightly ironic seeing as he has always traveled a lot for work.  When he was away, my younger sister and I were stuck with my mom’s ‘babysitter’ food; tater tots, sloppy Joe’s, scrambled eggs, pasta with meat sauce… you get the point.  As I grew older, so did my palate and lust for good food.

From a young age, my parents introduced good quality and ethnic foods into my sister and my life.  Our highchairs were clipped to a sushi bar and we constantly asked for Dim Sum on Sunday mornings.  Our family trips revolved around where were going to eat at that destination and sometimes we even picked our vacation destinations BECAUSE of the food.

My influence for cooking and food absolutely stem from my upbringing in Northern, CA (did someone say farmer’s market?), learning how to cook for myself while living alone in DC, studying abroad in Paris and my fascination with Asian cuisine.  I love shopping at H-mart, racking up OpenTable points, collecting cookbooks and finding new restaurants to try with my friends. I am passionate about family history, and to me, food is a huge part of that.  (Currently in the process of collecting a bunch of old family recipes).  Blogging about food is just an excuse to try new recipes and restaurants and I might as well share my adventures with you along the way!

Thank you so much for stopping bye and feel free to stay a while by subscribing to my email list (you will get updated whenever I post something new!)

Why did you call this blog The Brisket Diaries?

As far as I am concerned, the words ‘home food’ directly translate to ‘brisket’. Brisket for every holiday (Jewish and non-Jewish), brisket for Sunday meals with our family friends; brisket is always a number one request for a home-coming meal.  My dad’s brisket is so world-renowned that my sister and I have actually been auctioned off for marriage just so they would have unlimited access to brisket.  Nobody sleeps at the Goldberg house the nights that brisket is in the oven.  The fumes of cooking beef keep all of us up all night long.  The scent weighs heavily throughout the house the way that humidity settles in on a hot summer’s night.  The smell is so dense that we wake up gasping for air that is not sauteed with onions, leeks, and Beef Consume.  To say the least, the mornings after brisket has been in the oven all night are never pretty.  The whole family wakes up disoriented and frustrated due to our lack of sufficient sleep.  In the morning my dad is already back in the kitchen tending lovingly to the meat and preparing his homemade horse radish. Eventually the rest of the family comes down to the kitchen; my sister coming in last and complaining, “All of my clothes smell like brisket!”  Even the strongest smelling perfume could not hide this lingering scent of cooking meat.

Let’s be in touch:
Instagram: @thebrisketdiaries
Twitter: @BrisketDiariess
Email: thebrisketdiaries@gmail.com

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