City Guides:
A Beginners Guide to Eating in SF
Gracie’s Grand Guide to Paris
Best TWO Burgers in DC
DC Going Out Guide (2015)
Hana Japanese Market DC

Study Abroad: Paris Spring 2014
About Studying Abroad in Paris
Week 1: Wandering Around Paris
Weeks 1.5 & 2: More Wandering Pairs & a Short Trip to Chartres
Week 3: Cheeky Trip to London & Seeing Lizzie in Nottingham
Week 4: Adventures in Belgium- Beer, Chocolate & Too Many Frites
Week 5: A Weekend in Paris
Week 6: Parents in Paris & a Trip to Versailles
Week 7: More Paris & a Wee Bit of Scotland
Week 8: Ich Sah Berlin
Week 9: Staying in Paris & a Book Market
Week 10: I Went to Amsterdam & Never Wanted to Leave
Weeks 11 & 12: Spring Break in Espana
Weeks 13 & 14: Friends in Paris!
Weeks 15 & 16: More Personal Time with Paris
A Day in the Life- Follow Me Around!

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